Are there any risks related to ordering pharmaceuticals online?2018-09-29T21:17:42+00:00

Buying medications at our website is 100% risk-free. Our range includes only those pharmaceuticals that have been approved and produced by major pharmaceutical companies. All transactions made using onlinepills.to are protected with industry-standard security measures.

Is this an online pharmacy?2018-09-29T21:16:42+00:00

The correct term to be used when referring to our service is “pharmaceutical intermediary”. We facilitate transactions between manufacturers of high-quality medications and customers that are willing to buy them.

How do you ship orders?2018-09-29T20:59:06+00:00

99% of all purchases are eligible for free global shipping by means of Registered Airmail. Signature of the customer is required upon delivery. Please consult our Shipping policy provisions for more detailed information.

When are you available?2018-09-29T20:56:23+00:00

Our sales team processes orders every day from Sunday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM EST. Please note that we won’t be able to process orders placed on Friday after 4 PM until Monday morning.

Generics? What are they?2018-09-29T20:55:39+00:00

Generic medications are analogues of branded pharmaceuticals based on the same active ingredients. Since generics are produced only after the relevant brand patent expires, prices for such medications are considerably lower.

What are delivery times?2018-09-29T20:54:54+00:00

Shipping times vary depending on your order, country and the time of the year and cannot be estimated as an average for all orders.

Are payments secure?2018-09-29T20:54:13+00:00

There are no risks whatsoever attributed to making payments via domain.com. We work with only the most secure payment systems and use encryption to protect your credit card information.

Why are your prices so low?2018-09-29T20:53:30+00:00

The solution is actually very simple. We purchase medications directly from manufacturers and pass them to our customers without spending anything on advertising and administrative costs.

Can I return the medication?2018-09-29T20:52:45+00:00

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept returns according to federal legislation.

What if my shipment hasn’t arrived or appeared to be damaged?2018-09-29T20:51:37+00:00

In such cases we will issue a refund or reship your purchase according to your instruction.

What happens after order submission?2018-09-29T20:50:47+00:00

The medical information you provide while placing your order is forwarded to a licensed physician for reviewal. Only after careful analysis of your medical statement it is decided whether to approve your request. Once the order is approved, we will make sure that the relevant pharmacy receives your request and ships the goods you’ve ordered.

What if I can’t find the medication I need?2018-09-29T20:50:10+00:00

Please contact our support department and they will assist you in finding the medication you are looking for.

I purchased generics and they look different. Why?2018-09-29T20:30:51+00:00

Both brand name and generic medications come in different shapes and colors even though they have identical functions and active ingredients. The appearance depends on the manufacturing company and does not define the medication itself.